Types of Assignment

Assignments are an integral part of coursework in college. Apart from the fact that these require more reading and research work than what one has been used to in school, the fact that there are different types of assignment is often enough to make any freshman into a cold sweat. In fact types of assignments vary not just by disciplines but within the same subject, you may have to write papers according to different levels of complexity. Here is then an overview of different types of assignment you are likely to encounter in college.


Sometimes known by the more formal title of Research Essay, this usually comprises of a piece of writing on a specific topic, idea or issue. The purpose is to present an argument or hypothesis based on facts or simply, answer a particular question. The reader is usually the academic community or your peers. An essay is conventionally structured into the introduction, main body and conclusion. The tone of a research essay is best kept formal, objective and factual. Write your sentences in the active voice and ensure that the paper exhibits logical progression of ideas or arguments.

Project Report

Unlike a research essay which is directed to the academic community, a project report is usually oriented towards an outside organization like the industry, government or even Non-profit organizations. It presents your analysis and findings on work that has been done or is about to be done. a report will follow the usual sections of formal writing like title page, acknowledgements, abstract or executive summary, table of contents and the 3-part structure but place more emphasis on findings and recommendations. In keeping with its purpose, the tone of the project report will be brisk and factual besides adopting the tense to go with the status of the project…

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Time Management Skills for Students Doing Assignments

Among the most important aspects of getting a college education is completing assignments given on a regular basis. While you may have been used to finishing high school essays right on your Mum’s kitchen table, in college, assignments are a different ballgame altogether. You are required to put in adequate research and write it in a particular format. No less distracting is a full social life when you are being pulled in all directions by friends, Friday night parties and Sunday baseball games. Here are a few highly effective time management skills for students for completing assignment and staying ahead in class.

Get hold of a Semester Planner

Fresh into college, students often make the mistake of taking each assignment as it comes. Thus they often end up spending huge time and effort on the first couple of assignments in each subject only to realize that the later assignments carry more marks – by that time the students are overwhelmed with other college work or too exhausted to work at their optimum levels. So right at the beginning of your semester, get a planner and mark the deadlines of assignments of different subjects. More importantly specify the relative importance of each assignment in terms of marks or quantum of work involved. For example if a particular assignment carries 40% of total marks in a subject for that semester, you will have to devote more time to it than the one carrying 20% of the total. Likewise you might want to set aside more room to prepare your assignments in your major subjects than others. Highlight mid-terms and finals on your planner so that you know these are periods when there will be no excuse for cutting slack. In fact sound out your close friends and family as well that these are the weeks that you will have to be excused from socializing. Marking out such details on your planner will give you an overview of the commitments across the semester – thus not only helping you plan your assignments but your social life as well so that you can set aside time for both…

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How to Complete Your Assignment in Time

Being given just the topic of an assignment can be misleading for newbies. A couple of long sentences do not seem to pose a threat initially. But as you sit down to tackle it the night before the deadline, you realize that there are actually several components to it – each of which will take longer than you had thought. In order to avoid such a scenario, here are a few tips to get complete your assignments in Time.

Approach in steps

Break your assignment in steps and deal with each as you go along. Here is a quick reckoner of the essential steps to a generic assignment:

Topic analysis

This is where you begin working on your assignment. Read the topic a few times and allow ideas to rise into your mind. You don’t have to get writing immediately, rather this is to put you in the necessary frame of mind. Then go over the topic again to differentiate the task, topic and limitations. The tasks words will likely be verbs, clearly telling you what you have to do; the topic words will mostly comprise of nouns and indicate the concepts and ideas that you need to elaborate in the assignment. Finally look for the limitation words – like specifying the time and place – which define the scope of your assignment. To make things easier, highlight the three different kinds of words in different colours or separate them with different types of brackets.

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